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Ryzen PlanCPUSSD Cached StorageBandwidthIPv4PricingOrder
512 MB RAM1 vCore10 GB NVMeUnmetered @ 1 Gbps1$25.00 /yearORDER NOW
1 GB RAM1 vCore15 GB NVMeUnmetered @ 1 Gbps1$4.95 /moORDER NOW
2 GB RAM1 vCore25 GB NVMeUnmetered @ 1 Gbps1$8.95 /moORDER NOW
3 GB RAM2 vCore30 GB NVMeUnmetered @ 1 Gbps1$11.95 /moORDER NOW
4 GB RAM2 vCore35 GB NVMeUnmetered @ 1 Gbps1$15.95 /moORDER NOW
6 GB RAM3 vCore50 GB NVMeUnmetered @ 1 Gbps1$24.95 /moORDER NOW
8 GB RAM3 vCore75 GB NVMeUnmetered @ 1 Gbps1$29.95 /moORDER NOW
12 GB RAM4 vCore100 GB NVMeUnmetered @ 1 Gbps1$44.95 /moORDER NOW
16 GB RAM4 vCore125 GB NVMeUnmetered @ 1 Gbps1$59.95 /moORDER NOW

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Our Features

Our Cheap Windows VPS RDP Featured:

Dedicated Servers

Unlike other VPS/RDP provider, we use physical servers that are 100% dedicated to Windows platform which has several benefits. To ensure smooth performance we use fine-tune specific server parts dedicated to this Windows Remote Desktop plans.

Dedicated IP

One of many premium features is a dedicated IP address. All plans come with a dedicated IPv4 address by default. We also change the IP address of the customer RDP upon request for free!

No Over Selling

We use efficient load balancing technology to ensure equal load on each of the dedicated servers. To ensure a smooth and problem free experience we never over sell any of our servers. All the clients’ RDPs are equally distributed among multiple servers.

Data Protection and Security

All our Windows Remote Desktop plans have daily/weekly data backup service available on-demand and you can recover your data from the latest backup if needed.

1Gbps Network Port:

This cheap Windows RDP plan have full duplex 1Gbps network prost which deliver continues high speed browsing, download and upload speed.

Advanced end-user panel

The end-user panel is powered by Virtualizor, the best user-friendly RDP panel in the world. Windows VPS/Remote Desktop comes with full Remote desktop GUI access which is great deal for new users.

Why you need a windows VPS?

Purpose of using Windows RDP/Admin RDP


Many of our users use Windows RDP VPS server for browsing banned websites or shopping sites.

Downloading large files

Our cheap Windows VPS hosting can be used for downloading large files such as a backup file into your device.

SEO Tools

You can use our Windows Admin VPS to run SEO Tools, i.e., ScrapeBox, SEO Power Suite, Ahrefs etc

Extracting Email Box

Many of our users using Extract Any Mail Pro software to extract email box without interruption inside Windows Cheap RDP

Email Verification

Email Verification Tools takes a very long time to complete verification task. You can use Valid Email Verifier software inside our Admin Windows RDP.

File Sharing

You can easily transfer or sync files between your devices (as well as mobile) and the Windows VPS server using SMB.

What our clients say

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A software company which builds customize software and provides other cloud services.
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12:43 28 Jul 21
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A software company
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11:57 18 Sep 18
Best Software Development Company in Rajshahi
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It's Awesome


How can we help you?

Here are some most common questions we get from our customers. Hence we elaborated our FAQ to ensure you find answers as quickly as possible.

Still can’t find what you’re looking for?

What's included with Windows RDP?

You will receive KVM based Virtual Private Server (VPS) information (IP address, Username and password) that runs the Windows OS with virtual RAM, Processor and SSD Drive. This Remote Desktop server will have high-speed internet connection.

Is my Remote Desktop ready-to-use?

Yes, we provide ready Remote Desktop which connects using Remote Desktop Connection app (which is available on your physical computer). You can also install and use any RDP app on your phone, tablet, laptop, or even on Mac OS.

Can I upgrade the RDP plan without losing data?

Yes, you can upgrade with all your data intact. Most of the time plan upgrade requires a reboot and in some cases migration. IP change can occur sometimes.

Can I install bulk email sender software in RDP?

Of course, you are free to install any bulk email sender application inside RDP. Any mail sender will work and you must have to configure SMTP well. Let us know if you face any problem configuring, we will help.

Can I run automated bot or script inside RDP?

Yes, you can. You are the administrator and you can install any program/script inside RDP. You can run that simultaneously without any performance problem. In most cased 4GB RDP is the best.

Does my Windows Remote Desktop run 24x7?

Yes, apart from any rare maintenance windows or downtimes, it will run all the time. You can also run your applications and they’ll stay open, as long as you open them.