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Experience the best Remote Desktop AKA RDP service ever. It comes with windows server installed with full administrative access. Our RDP comes with dedicated RAM to boost performance. Run any software with administrative privilege. RDP just like your personal PC.

24/7 Support – Dedicated ram rdp – 99.9% Uptime

RDP Packages

All our RDP comes with dedicated RAM, high CPU and SSD storage. Currently we have RDP from USA, Canada & France location.

You can also ask for custom RDP package. Just inform us to info@rdpground.com

2 GB Dedi RDP

This tiny box with 2GB dedicated RAM is powerful enough to run any kind of software. Full administrative access and multi threading supported.

6 GB Dedi RDP

This RDP comes with 6GB dedicated RAM and a lot of space. Entrepreneurs love this package for continuous software work.

4 GB Dedi RDP

This RDP with 4GB dedicated RAM is too powerful to run multiple programs at the same time. With adequate disk space this is the best choice.


This RDP runs any kind of software, it is very fast with a lot of RAM and disk. Almost works like a dedicated server.

Super fast Remote Desktop – Windows RDP


Choose from wide range Windows Remote Desktop plans.


Full Administrative Access

You will get full administrator rights. You are the admin of your RDP. You can use any software inside your RDP as admin. No need to change privilege in your RDP.

Windows Remote Desktop

Remote Desktop port is open means you can easily connect your RDP using default windows remote desktop port. Built in windows remote desktop client will work just fine.

Dedicated RAM RDP

All our remote desktop comes with dedicated RAM, not shared. So other customers work in our RDP will not affect your RDP. You will get maximum performance from our remote desktop packages.

Need Help ? Mail Us to get support: info@rdpground.com

Frequently asked questions

What is a remote desktop protocol rdp ?

The Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) is the network protocol used by Terminal Service client devices for client-to-server session communication. The RDP protocol actually transmits keystrokes and mouse movements from the client to the server, and screen images from the server to the client. This protocol is also responsible for connecting client resources, such as mapping a user’s clipboard, local drives, and local ports, as well as printing and encryption

RDP Server Is Just Like Your Personal Computer. The Main Difference Between In Personal Computer & RDP Server Is Speed. RDP Server Have Powerful System Hardware And Configuration. I Like RAM, HDD, CPU, GPU Better Than Your Personal PC. RDP Server Can Be Used at Same To By Many Users For Working Separately.

For What Purpose RDP Used ?

Remote Desktop AKA RDP never sleeps. It is always open. Even you close your computer, the RDP will run.
Here goes the 5 reasons you need a RDP

  • To run a software that needs to run for a long time. It should not be closed like meta trader software or other data mining software for your SEO works.
  • Protect your privacy. You browse internet from inside RDP to protect your privacy. Nowadays you can easily hide your identity using RDP if you don’t want to reveal it.
  • To keep your PC safe from virus. Some suspected program may contain virus but you must run it. Then run it inside RDP. That will keep your own PC safe.
  • Fast internet. Each RDP comes with 1GBPS port speed with 500Mbps shared bandwidth. So you will get fast internet to download or communicate fast.
  • Keep your file safe. RDP can also be used a backup server. You can easily login to a RDP and backup your files from another server. If that important server is down, no worry, you have the backup RDP.
what is dedicated ram RDP?

We provide dedicated RAM with all our RDP. You got 2GB RAM means your server really gets 2GB RAM.
It is not shared with any other user.

what is the setup time of our rdp servers ?

You will get your purchased RDP Login details within 5 minutes after making payment, but in some unexpected cases it might take upto 4-12 Hours, not more than that. Whereas Setup time for Private RDP/VPS Servers will be atleast 12-24 hours for sure.

which mode of payment method we accept ?

We accept Paypal, PerfectMoney, Credit Card.

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